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Soundblaster Live! 24-bit USB External Setup

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REW (SB Live! 24-bit external)


I have a Creative 24 bit external soundcard but have been unable to calibrate it despite messing with all the various settings there was always some feedback. The only way I can get a normal looking curve was to use the internal card as output and the external card as input. This gave me a calibration curve similar to that for an internal card.
I then tried a sweep for the sub but it seems with limited success :scratch:
I've spent all day on this and achieving very little so far. Can anyone help?

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Front = stereo line-out.

No, the soundblaster should be set to the default soundcard - not the internal soundcard in the laptop.

The first step is to connect a cable from line-out to line-in right channel and do the soundcard calibration routine.

I think I may have got it...I went in to my device manager in windows and disabled the integrated audio...seemed to be conflicting with it somehow and I never could get it to do right.

The graph looks like the setup says it should look now.


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I noticed on the Creative support site (support.creative.com; for some reason there seems to be a problem posting links here) that there is a relatively new "beta" driver, dated 24-Apr-09, for the Soundblaster Live! 24-bit External on Windows Vista or Windows 7 Beta. People who have reported problems using this card on Windows Vista systems with the previous (2007) driver may want to try this.

(I am still running Windows XP (SP3) on the notebook computer that I use for REW, so I don't need the new driver. I may start shopping for a new, faster notebook later this year, which will presumably have either Windows Vista or Windows 7 depending on how long I wait.)
Hi guys,

I am about to head to town and pick up supplies so I can start REW and wondered if the current Soundblaster product would work because my local retail establishment no longer carries this product?
Certainly it will work as long as there is a driver available for your operating system.
Thanks Brucek, I picked up the Soundblaster X-Fi (model sb 1090) and think I have the appropriate patch cords. :nerd:
No surround mixer in the eax console

I have just purchased a creative sounblaster live external and am setting it up. I installed the software, but the EAX console doesn't have the surround mixer icon at the bottom so I can make those setting changes per the set-up guide.
I'm running xp sp3, and don't see any addtional downloads on the creative support site for me to update. The only Icon at the bottom of the eax is the speaker settings, (no graphic eq either.) my external card came used with no installation cd for drivers or software. sb0490

anyone know how i can get this on?

Thanks, Paul
Just spent the better part of the day trying to install soundblaster Live 24bit on Windows 7 OS. Also read a gazzillion threads on this. Finally got the drivers but something is wrong as I dont get the Audio panel and options that I see in the various threads here.
I have not been able to get the output or calibrate my Radioshack SPL - so pretty down and out!
As a last resort I am attaching whatever screenshots I can muster and hope someone out there has figured soundblaster on Win 7 process. I dont seem to get any of the screens that others are showing - obviously missing something here!
OK - cant seem to upload the screenshots either - file size limitation and something about min 5 posts - sigh!.
So has anyone done the Win7 Soundblaster live deal - if so appreciate some assistance
By the way, here is a link for Soundblaster Live! 24-bit External drivers (that seems to work as of July 2013). It's nice to see that, although this part has reached "end of service life" according to the vendor, Windows 7 and 8 drivers were released. I am currently running this soundcard from an Acer laptop with Win 7 32-bit Professional operating system, with the Windows 7 driver (version 1.02.0000) downloaded from this link, and haven't noticed any problems.

In case the above doesn't work, here is a link to a search page for all Soundblaster named products from Creative Labs: http://support.creative.com/Products/product_list.aspx?catID=1&CatName=Sound+Blaster
Hi there, REW newbie here. I'm dusting off some old equipment to try to calibrate a new (used) subwoofer in a new room. It's a DD-12 so i can use the built-in SMS-1, but I want to try to do some measurements with REW that the SMS-1 can't do (e.g. waterfalls), and better-than-1/3-octave.

I have a Sony Windows 7 PC and a soundblaster Live! 24-buit USB external. I have a Behreinger ECM8000.

I think I have latest driver installed (I tried to install the one linked to above and was told I had a more recent driver).

My problem is that I can't seem to get the output and the input levels matched to do the soundcard calibration. I don't get the controls that the tutorial shows (for windows XP, of course). I have turned up the speakers (output) and micropohone (input) to 100%, but still the input ("rigth channel") is about 12db below the output.

Any suggestions?

I have turned up the speakers (output) and microphone (input) to 100%, but still the input ("right channel") is about 12db below the output.
That's close enough. Also worth taking a quick look at this thread for SB live setup.
That's close enough. Also worth taking a quick look at this thread for SB live setup.
Excellent, and yes that thread is extremely relevant. I'll play tonight.

I ran the soundcard calibration and took a measurement. The SPL curve looks OK. But it seems like something funny seems to going on with the phase. Attached is the measurement file.

Could my SoundBlaster Live! really be doing that to the phase?


Did you get this sorted out?
The file you posted is step one of a soundcard calibration not a measurement.
You posted a measurement using a mic as a soundcard cal measurement. This is not correct.
You should remove the mic and the cable to the AVR and instead place a loopback cable from the right output to the right input. Then redo the soundcard cal process.

If it helps you can think of the soundcard cal process as being a measurement of the wire connecting the output to input. The measurement result should be flat for both SPL and phase, but it will tail-off at the lower frequencies. That's okay. When you then save the calibration, REW will be able to correct future measurements for that error. [So after saving the calibration if you then take a measurement within the main measurement panel (not the soundcard calibration window) with the loopback cable still in place then you will get the flat response we expect a wire. This last step is optional, but helps prove that all is well.]

When that works then the loopback cable can be removed and mic plugged back in. The right output is then connected back into the AVR input channel.

REW's help covers this better. Just follow the steps there.
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No, I didn't, I'm afraid. I think I did follow the instructions, though of course I'll end up having made some dumb mistake. When I took that measurement (or rather, the soundcard calibration procedure that measurement), I had the right channel looped back from line out to line in. So I didn't have a microphone connected.

I think I'll go ahead and get a UMIK-1. Seems like a lot easier. As i understand it, the soundcard calibration procedure adjusts both for input and output. The UMIK-1 is a mic/sound-card in one, and it is already calibrated. That leaves the PC output, which cannot be separately calibrated with the USB microphone in the picture. However, I gather that soundcard output is typically very flat, so there is no real need.

Thanks, though.
I ran the soundcard calibration and took a measurement. The SPL curve looks OK. But it seems like something funny seems to going on with the phase. Attached is the measurement file.
The SB Live! is inverting the signal, which is why the phase is sitting around -180 / +180 degrees instead of around zero (phase is cyclic, +180 and -180 are the same point). Tick the 'Invert' box below 'Input Options' in the REW Soundcard Preferences to correct it.
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