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Spandex sizes for screen???

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Just wanted to start a thread here and ask how much does the spandex material stretch?

I was looking at making my own screen for a PJ setup but would be limited on my size if it is not AT. So I remember years ago someone doing testing on spandex materials for a DIY screen. I have seen many different details on others using spandex and I am happy to go with these two materials.

The main question though is I dont know what size I need.If I am building a 4yd wide screen what size do I need?
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The matte black seems like the best option if you ask me, I don't have that much experience but I'm planning to build my very first DIY screen using spandex as well, and I read that matte is the way to go. Would you mind sharing your other plans for this DIY was well? I really need some extra ideas.
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