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I am having a new theatre room built, and I want to have it wired for Atmos support as well as (7.1? 9.1? Not sure which is the one really)

The room is 20ft 6in long X 14ft 8in wide with 9ft ceilings and two rows of seating (the back row on a 8in raised platform.) See pictures below for a rendering.

In the last photo, the red box is a 1ft deep soffit for air conditioning, and the blue box is the projector shooting through a hole in the wall.

Where do I put the speakers (all of them)? I had a 5.1 system before, but they were haphazardly places and I am not sure where everything should be, especially if I thro Atmos speakers in the mix. Any help would be awesome- I have to finalize my choices this Saturday morning!


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