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I recently decided to build a custom bluetooth boombox that looked like the rear end of a super car. I didn't want it to look exactly like a current supercar, so I looked at some that I really liked and then added my own flare to it. Here are some quick notes about it.

  • Kerf to get Curves and cuto down weight
  • Exhaust actually Ports the Speaker to 65 Hz
  • Spoiler/Wing is the Handle
  • LED Brake Lights
  • Seperate Right and left Chambers
  • Custome LR2 Crossover with Zobel and L-pad
  • Removable Rear Pannel
  • Custom 12v Battery Pack
  • Mettallic Auto Paint

Overall, the cost of materials wasn't much, but it was time consuming. Especially since I had never quite made anything like this. I learned a lot, like I probably will not make another one, haha. Not because of the sound, it sounds great! Just because of the amount of work that went into it. I'll leave you with a video for now and update this with some pictures too.


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That's just cool! Very impressive piece of work.
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