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I'm building a dedicated 7.1 home theater setup using the NAD master series M15HD pre and M25 Amp.

I'm looking to buy a set of speakers but I'm now confused with so many brands available. Some of the speakers that i have on my short list are

1) B&W 803S and matching center and surrounds

2) JM Focal Electra 1028 and matching center and surrounds

3) Paradigm Signature Series S8 system.

I've auditioned the B&W and the JM Focals. I found the B&W(running on ROTEL and Classe) fantastic for stereo, however I dint find the center performing that well. They were'nt forward sounding at all, which I feel is important for dialogue. I somehow feel HT speakers should be bright and not warm and using NAD which is warm itself will make the system too dull for HT. Any suggestions on this?

JM Focals were much more forward sounding. Dialogue was clear and had good presence. However the surround wee not upto the mark, maybe because they were using PROFILE series and not Electra.

Anyone who has compared Paradigm with any of the above?

Can you guys suggest any other speaker system around $20,000.
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