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Hello Fellow Forum members,

As a company with fanatical obsession for reliability and quality control, we open and inspect certain percentage of all incoming shipments.

We have a limited inventory of Cinema Series M6 LCR and S5 Dipole Surround Speakers that were opened and repacked for inspection. They have never left our warehouse and are in perfectly new condition. They are covered under our 60 day Buy & try At-Home Audition and 5 Year Warranty. We will even pay return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with them.

M6 LCR Speakers-----Regular Price $1000-----After 15% Discount $850

S5 Surround Dipole Speakers-----Regular Price $700----- After 15% Discount $595

Please contact me directly at [email protected] for 15% discount and FREE SHIPPING.

Cinema powered subwoofers will be available in mid-October. We are also offering an opportunity to preorder the 1X12 and 3X12 powered subwoofers at 15% discount and FREE SHIPPING as well.

3X12 Powered Subwoofer----- Regular Price $2500----- After 15% Discount $2125

1X12 Powered Subwoofer ----- Regular Price $1100 ----- After 15% Discount $935

XTZ Cinema Series - Compact hifi cinema experience.

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