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Just shot the raw footage for Parts 34 and 35 a few days ago. It's in post production now and the laptop I use to do the editing had an SSD corruption. ARgh!!! The fix and rebuild was yesterday. Fortunately I did not lose the raw footage. This part should be live within a few days.

Part 34 ... Viewing Environment

Part 35 ... Grayscale Addendum 1.0

Current subscribers will get access when I fire out the mass email. If you let your subscription lapse, you can still renew as if you didn't. $20 for 6 more months of access or $50 for lifetime.

Thanks all for your continued support.


Read more: http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...raining-videos-promotion-5.html#ixzz2quRbyukc
Doh - thanks for the reminder - I keep forgetting to renew!
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