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SPL Calibration with EMC8000

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Quick question - if I'm using a calibrated microphone (emc8000), do I still need to get a SPL meter to set my levels? Isn't there any way I can set levels just with the mic setup? Thanks!
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The SPL meter (when one uses a microphone with REW) is only used to set a rough 75dB level at the listening position. If you feel you can set a reasonable level for testing, the SPL meter is not required.

But, it sure is handy to have an SPL meter to set the relative speaker levels when running the receiver test tones test. Why would anyone not have an SPL meter?

Doesn't really matter. The digital is a bit easier to read, but the analog gives a better relative feel to it..

For REW, it matters not.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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