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SRM Turtle beach help!

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I need some help with my calibration file. I can only get a response down to 120hz and not above 10khz, what am i doing wrong?
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Gonna need more information than that to help you..........
All I have connected is the right channel output connected to the right channel input, that's it! I used the pin connector to dual rca's in both output and input. Hit the measure button on REW and did a calibration
and what I get is explained above. Do you need further info?
It sounds like you have a filter turned on.

Go to the SRM control panel and select the equalizer and the effects tabs and ensure all the junk is shut off.

Can you also post a picture of the REW Settings page...

I am not sure how to post the settings page.
Can anyone help me download the settings page to this forum? The only thing I could think of was to print screen onto word, but the image is to blurry!
With the picture you want to save on the screen and your mouse over the picture, press Alt and Prt Scr keyboard keys. This saves the picture to the clipboard.

Run Windows Paint (it's in Accessories) and select Edit Paste. Your picture will dump into Paint.

Select File / Save-As a jpg file.

Then use this post to post the jpg picture.

Sorry I have not had time to post the settings page, hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for your help in advance:bigsmile:
Sorry Bruce it has been so long, just busy and been out of town! Here are my settings. Thanks for the help BTW.


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I also tried it with this configuration!


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When you press the Measure button on the Settings page (using the later setup of your pics above, and the loopback connected), it should show the -12dBFS output VU meter, and then when you click through next, it should allow you to set the Input VU meter to -12dBFS.

Is this happening?

yes my output at the bottom is -12 and my input is within 3db
When it does my graph it only goes down to about 100hz!
How could i post my graph so you can see what is happening.
Save the graph using the small floppy icon in the lower left corner of the REW graph. This saves a jpg of 800 nits wide.

Then read this to attach it to your post. Use a graph scaling of -3dB to +3dB vertical scale for the soundcard cal graph.

Wait a sec.... You are using the line-in and line-out jacks and not the mic-in and phone-out jacks - I hope????
yes line in line out! it is the side that has the mini usb connection.
Looks as though you have a low filter on then. The high end is fine (as is the graph in general), but you have a severe low end problem. Check the equalizer page and be sure no EQ filters are on. Everyone else that has purchased this card appears to get about the same response graph as I have shown in the SRM post.

do you mean the equalizer in REW or on the OSD on the SRM?
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