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Starting with Blank slate, need confirmation

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Hello all, new member here and I am starting with a blank slate with the house, basically I have the cable in one place in the house and one entry for the Cable modem for my internet so like I said blank slate. The only thing I have so far is a 50" plasma Panasonic that I won, a newish DVD player connecting to the new TV with HDMI and my Cable DVR connecting with an HDMI. That is about it for equipment and since it is only in one location I didn't want to buy some equipment for this room that wouldn't fit into the basement home theatre room once it is done.

What I would like to eventually do is to wire the house for a network with Cat6 for Gigabit connection, create a home theatre room in my new basement, create a second area in my new living room for viewing a TV, add in speakers through out the house to be able to listen to music in different rooms as I want or the same in the whole house ( right now I will be running this off a PC but that could change) and beable to have a controller in each room that would allow me to choose what I wanted to listen to in that room. So that is the big picture and where I want to get to.

I am starting the renovations in the basement and slowly working my way to the rest of the house. By the time I am done about 80% of the house will be redone in some way, maybe just paint but if I have to punch a hole in the wall to pull cable what better time to do it then before you paint.

So I plan to have a wire room for my phone(only two jacks in the house right now), Ethernet connections in every room, speaker and what ever else I need. I will have a drop ceiling in the basement so future pulls will not be too bad but I want to make sure I have the basic requirements down before I begin. I am not sure if I want to go with IF or RF so I want to plan for both ( if possible). With that said, for the location in the basement that will have the TV I will have an electrical outlet and HDMI cable run for the TV, from the wire closet/Component location it will be roughly 30'. I want 7.1 in the basement so I run the 14 gauge wire from the component location to the speaker locations and mount a connecting plate. If I want to have these speakers being used for the whole home audio do I need anything else for them? For my other locations in the basement that I just want Ethernet/Phone and Speakers to I want one Cat6 and 2 Cat5 to that location and then 1 14-4 Gauge speaker wire and 1 cat 5 to the location for the controller. Then the speaker wires from there to the locations for the speakers. Am I missing something

Now going forward for the additional rooms that I want just speakers, Phone and Ethernet in I run 1 Cat6, 2 Cat 5 to the Phone/Ethernet location and 14-4 Gauge and 1 cat5 to the controller location.

To each bedroom on the second floor I want just basic cable run so I run 2 Coax, 2 Cat5 and 1 Cat6 to each location. Or should I run 3 Cat5 in case I want to go with Component Video instead of HDMI?

Some rooms I can do the wire pulls now, others like my living room I will have to pull later when I renovate that room and take the walls down

What am I missing or am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks for the help

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After debating Cat5 vs 6, I came to the conclusion that the bandwidth of Cat 5 should be more than sufficient for the foreseeable future, and was easier to work with. However, if you're walls are open, go cat 6 for the belt and suspenders approach.

You can use ethernet for your phone lines as well, so no sense in running phone wire.
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