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Steam Feature Set for PlayStation 3 is Simply Amazing
04/13/2011 Written by Jonathan Leack

It’s been nearly a year since Valve made the exciting reveal that the PlayStation 3 will be the first console to ever support Steam functionality. Starting with Portal 2, and hopefully becoming a trend moving forward, PS3 users are promised not only cross-platform interaction, but the inclusion of multi-platform game access with the purchase of the PlayStation 3 version. Now that Portal 2 is just a handful of days away, many are wondering what exactly to expect. Now Valve has the answer.

Valve has released a guide for PlayStation 3 users displaying how to utilize Steam within Portal 2 after it releases next week. The guide reveals a robust list of features including a cross-platform friends list, chat, community access, news, and even synchronized Steam Achievements. As with the PC counterpart, the interface is slick and provides a wealth of options at the press of a button.
Below is a preview of what the Steam Overlay looks like on the PS3:

The Steam interface and all that it offers will be accessible by simply pressing the Select button, so conversing with friends, inviting them to play, and meeting to co-op in Portal 2 should be a cakewalk. Assuming it works as well as advertised, this can be a huge move in the right direction. Not only will other companies take note, but Valve is notorious for releasing AAA titles, so as more titles come to fruition, the importance of Steam’s implementation will be noticed even more.

Source: PSLS
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