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Stereo Integrity Subs

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Thinking of ordering 2 18s for ported cab use, powered by (most-likely) an iNuke 3000dsp. I am thinking dual 4 ohm coils, for placing the amp in 2 ohm stereo duty. I see that the suggested box size is 7 ft^3 tuned to 20 Hz.

This will be my first DIY effort, does this sound right so far? The room they'll be in is an open floor plan, with total volume probably close to 10k ft^3. I am on a tight budget and am trying to maximize performance with a reasonably sized enclosure.

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7 cu.ft. tuned to 20 hz with the iNuke 3000dsp would work well although a bigger cabinet and lower tuning would get you more low end output.
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