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Stereo Integrity Subwoofer Closeout

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This is an incredible deal for subwoofer drivers with a crazy 22mm of xmax.

$145 for the 15D2 or 15D4
$162 for the 18D2 or 18D2
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Thanks for the tip. I bought an HT18 and now am working in WinISD and Boxnotes to get my plan set for a box build.
Wish I had firmer plans in place for what I want to do for my DIY subs - this is an amazing deal...
I'm in the exact same boat. High shipping to the NW is the only thing holding me back from buying a pair for the future.
Shipping does seem high. I guess several factors come into play including distance, amount of shipping the company does thus the discount they get, etc. My sub was supposed to be delivered yesterday and bam, we got three inches of snow and ice mixed in in about 40 minutes and so no sub yesterday or today...It's not melting. I did get to have some fun in my F150 Screw 4X4 with Nitto Terra's 33x12.5's on 20inch XD monsters, they didn't want to let go and slid or do snownuts :D
Shipping to Alabama can't be bad! The driver closeout should be a steal for anyone but the west and inland west.
Shipping to Alabama can't be bad! The driver closeout should be a steal for anyone but the west and inland west.
Shipping and handling was $35. Hope to receive my sub today from Fedex.
I have the 18" and can say its an awesome sub!

I am using iNuke 1000 (in bridge mode) . Happy camper here.
Happy Chinese New Year Mike and other shacksters!
My HT 18 D4 is on its way to bucolic Zumbro Falls, Minnesota. Shipping was $41.74, total was $203.74. I don't know what these were before the closeout sale but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that shipping was less than the discount. I too am a happy camper. Mike, do you have the D2 or the D4? Is the iNuke 1000 suitable for the D4? Did you modify the fan? Why bridge mode? Can you tell us about your cabinet?
Just bought 2 of the 18d4's. $397 shipped. Awesome deal. :unbelievable:
News From Stereo Integrity

Hello, as many of you already know, and have mentioned in various threads here, Stereo Integrity is discontinuing their HT line of 15" and 18" subwoofers. According to Nick, the owner, the company itself is still going strong but they are re-evaluating where they want to fit in the greater marketplace and have decided to eliminate this line of subs (I am paraphrasing what he has said on other posts).

I just wanted to let you all know that I emailed Nick a few days ago to inquire about the remaining stock levels of the HT drivers and he replied this morning. He said "The HT subwoofers are selling very fast. There is no guarantee of stock. Once ordering is not available on our web page we are out of stock."

While I had been planning on purchasing 2 more 18"s ever since the announcement ~a month ago, fearing that I might miss my chance, I promptly went ahead and ordered my second pair this morning. It's funny that my first pair was ordered in December of 2012 among the first pre-orders for the HT line and now my second pair is being purchased for the same price while these are on their way out! $162 (+ shipping) for a high quality, high performance driver is simply outstanding.

Get yours while you still can!!!!
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I just bought one more 18D2 for a total of 2 now. And the 18D4's are Sold Out.
I must have got one of the last 18 D4s then, mine shows up any day now!
Doesn't look like I got much more time to jump on the SI 18 d2's! Hopefully I can pull the trigger soon.
is it possible to get these subs anywhere anymore? what other options do I have now if theres none left?
fairly expensive. was alomst thinking going the car sub route. thanks for the link. I really had my heart set on 4 18's SI HT's the price was amazing.
why would they dicontinue such a popular and well price sub?
It was a business decision. Rumor has it it may be coming back, but as with all things, believe it when you see it.
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