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I am currently building a home theater in my basement and was considering using 2 x 15" IB subs mounted under my screen. Behind the screen there is about 13,000l of storage area under my stairway. This area is not really closed off of sealed from the rest of the basement. There is no real ceiling in this room it just opens up to the rafters. The room would also contain my electronics for the HT and 2 center channel speakers behind the screen. I guess my questions are.....Will the electronics be ok in this room? Do I have to seal off this room better? Will this configuration generate crazy volume throughout the storage room/adjacent rooms/upstairs? I'm really new to IB so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help.


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Welcome to the Forum, Kevin!

I'll try to tackle at least a few of your questions.

The IB will work best if the closet is totally sealed from the theater room. As far as the electronics, the only thing I'd be concerned about would be the DVD player. I would think that all the vibration might make it skip. However, it probably wouldn't be too hard to find a way to physically isolate it if need be.

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