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strange colours on my Toshiba DLP 72" TV 72CM9UA

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hi there!

my first post here!

i recently got this for cheap, but it has these colours on the screen. the guy i got it from said it needs a new colour wheel. but i dunno. dispite the strange colours, the picture is fantastic, sharp and blacks are blacks and whites are bright white. (except when there green or pink hahaha)

i also tried plugging in a different TV in using the same hdmi cable and the problem disapeared (with the new tv) indicating the problem is AFTER the hdmi cable i,e the tv is malfunctioning and not the cable, video card of my computer or the video codecs of my media player. any experts on dlp? or anyone know where to point me?

its a Toshiba 72" 72CM9UA‏, if you need more info, let me know.


what do you guys think?

ps i tried posting this on other forums, but never got a response
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this is a pic of what i see


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Could be color wheel index adjustment or DMD, but more likely in the digital signal processing. I have not seen exactly that sympton on these, but I did not service very many Toshibas when I was doing DLP repair.
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