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Alright, so this will be my first post on this forum. First I would like to say hey, and thanks in advance for any tips.

I wasn't sure where to post this, so i thought i would post here. Move if necessary.

A few months ago both of my 12" audiobahns stopped working. not sure of the exact name of it, but its the only with the aluminum on the front and aluminum baskets. 1000 rms, etc.

I pushed on cones a little bit they appeared to be blown. I dont know much about diagnostics of a subwoofer, but i was guessing it heated up and the voice coils blew. but i really dont know.

i took the subs out and they have been sitting in my closet for about 5 months now.

I'm just starting to get more financially stable and was wanting to put some subs back in my car, but then i thought maybe i could fix these since it may be cheaper, and they always did a great job.

any hints, advice, etc would be great. If there are any background questions you need to ask, please let me know.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts