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Heya guys....

I have a relatively I think simple question.....

I have purchased 2x Peerless 8ohm 830500 subs for my HT build, in 2 separate ported enclosures.

I am yet to purchase an dedicated amp to run these (looking at around $300 ~ $500 AUS), but what I'm thinking about is how to wire these.
The first option is to buy a 2ch amp such as a Dayton SA1000 or a Behringer EP2000 and wire them in either the following ways:

One sub off each channel?
Wire the subs in parallel?

Is there a benefit to wiring in either config?

Thanks guys :)


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Others will offer other opinions but I myself, if I can, always use my amps in bridged mode regardless of rated power. If you dont like this idea then just wire them in stereo mode depending on amp wattage.

I like to have double the RMS rated wattage at least for subs. Then apply Hpass or other limiting device and let your ears be your warranty. But YMMV

Hope this helps
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