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Measuring conditions:

Air temperature: 15 C
Atmospheric pressure: ~1010 hPa
Wind speed: 1-2 m/s
Weather: Sunny

Here they finally come! The test results which some of you have been waiting for over two weeks now. The GP session gave me so much data that unfortunately it took me some time to get it organized in a way that “everyone” could understand them. And of course this report isn’t coming from a ** generator either. My original objective was to give people as much objective test data for different subwoofers as possible, from after people can move to the wonderful world of subjective opinions. I’m not going to pick any winner since the results of the measurements are purely objective. The test contained clearly different subwoofers, for different kind of people, and for different kind of applications.

Organizing the test was a very interesting but also a very hard task, especially when the whole session was put together in less than a week (the actual measuring process took "only" around 5-6 hours). Getting the results organized took about a week, so I could say this feels like a job. I’m not getting paid though. I have already promised a new shootout, but that requires that we can get more people to help me with all this. When done almost alone, this is a too tough and time-consuming project. Thank you to Geecb and Goodguy for helping me out with the arrangements, and Maukka for those very nice pictures. Also thank you to all of you who loaned your subwoofers, especially Marek Sound.

Links to subwoofers tested on this round:
BK Monolith
SVS 20-39PC+ 20 Hz tune (dB12.2)
SVS 20-39PC+ 16 Hz tune (dB12.2)
SVS 20-39PC+ 20 Hz tune (dB12.1)
SVS PB12-Ultra 20 Hz tune
SVS PB12-Ultra 16 Hz tune
SVS PB12-Ultra 12 Hz tune

No material may be reproduced in part or in altered form without permission. Copyright © 2005 Ilkka Rissanen and Mauri Eronen (pictures)
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