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Measuring conditions:

Air temperature: 5-7 C
Atmospheric pressure: ~1030 hPa
Wind speed: 2-6 m/s
Weather: Sunny

Can’t anything stop these lunatics? One would think there would be some better things to do than measuring subwoofers in a 7 C weather, and even without any payment, but no. The results from this year’s last shootout are here.

This time we tested the SVS PB10-ISD and the Axiom EP-600. These subwoofers are in a quite different league when considering the price, but as you can notice later on, test results don’t necessarily always correlate perfectly with the price of the product. We also measured the PB10-ISD using a port plug (sealed), since it was interesting to see the differences. There has also been some conversation regarding the benefits of such action, so naturally it had to be tested. Axiom’s newest subwoofer has caused many heated debates over at various HT related forums, so we had to get it on our hands.

One has to admit that this second time went through much easily, and compiling the results and making these reports didn’t take that long either. Routine helps! But of course performing these measurements in such a cold weather isn’t a pleasant experience, therefore the next test will be definitely held in the spring/summer. Special thanks to Jerri (Jeje2) who brought his PB10 to the test. Thank you to Maukka, pictures were again very nice. Also thank you to Goodguy, Ate and Mappe for helping me out with the arrangements regarding the test.

Links to subwoofers tested on this round:
Axiom EP-600 (1st test)
SVS PB10-ISD (1st unit)
SVS PB10-ISD (sealed)

No material may be reproduced in part or in altered form without permission. Copyright © 2005 Ilkka Rissanen and Mauri Eronen (pictures)
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