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Subwoofer underneath bed?

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Ok so I understand that generally its a big no no to put a subwoofer in the middle of the room. I live in a dorm room and will for the next at least year and a half. My Plan A is getting a sonotube for a 15" my Plan B is a box around 7-8 cubes. If I go the route of the box then I would want to put it underneath my bed which takes up most of the room. There is close to 3 feet of clearance underneath my bed. Yay or nay?
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Thread moved to the Subwoofers forum. If the bed which takes up most of the room then I doubt you'll have a problem with bass. How big is the room and which sub are you considering?
Sorry Mike,

I thought it would go to the set up part. Well im still looking at that RE HC
Wow a dorm room with subs. The room gain has to be tremendous.
Mike, I just posted a thread under Fi so hopefully that will answer that. Ya well I have a 46" plasma a 26" lcd for tv while playing ps3 or watching movies. I just got a surround sound speaker system but need something to rattle the building a little bit
Ah yes... Back in the day when I lived in a dorm room, I built a 12" sub to fit snuggly under the bed. It was an MDF 2.2cuft box using an el cheapo car sub tuned to ~28hz. Concrete wall on all sides (even the cieling and floor) except for a window and door. Room gain was insane, very much like in a car. :unbelievable: Thus the car sub actually worked really well in that environment. I didn't need much power, less than 50w was enough to get the most of neighbours annoyed. :devil:

The box was designed so the sub fired directly into the bottom of the mattress with about 1.5~2" of clearance. It took no space up in the room and another advantage was when watching movies, you would get some serious bed shaking happening even at low volumes. This is a good thing in a dorm room unless you want your neighbours to... :paddle:
Im a football guy, I have a single, its a small room which I put 2 beds together in...so I have a king bed right infront of my desk(media center) and my tv. I figured under the bed would make movies and music fun
Here's a good DIY project to go under a bed or behind a couch for low profile requirements even though isn't so low. Sorry, I can't post the link, but it is a DIY project at PE called Boogieman

Good luck !!
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