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Subwoofer with low sound problem

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Now i need a serious help guys

Today i hooked my passive subwoofer (Rockford punch 15 inch 500 watt RMS) with a mono block amplifier board of 420 watt (TDA89S4TH) and a low pass filter (please see the images below) in order to test how it works. When i was playing song through mobile the output from subwoofer is so low initially i didn't notice that sound after increasing volume to full level i was able to to hear sound by place my ear next to subwoofer
Connecting order :
Mobile through AUX cable ---> low-pass filter ---> power Amp.---- Subwoofer .

I think i made the above connections in a right way ???.
After thinking for a while a few new doubts are arised in my mind that..
1. Do i need a preamplifier ?
2. Do i have to adjust crossover frequency to right values ?
3. Is this amp is capable to take this huge 15 inch sub ?

Am frustrated with this last question cause the seller says its a high power amplifier please use it with professional standard speakers whose power should be more than 200 watt so i thought the value should be in RMS but now am unable to get a sound from my 500 watt rms sub.
Is it really in RMS or a PMPO? I am providing 24-0-24v 5.5ampere 220 watt power as seller gives in his description.

Core chip of Amp :TDA89S4TH

Thank yoU for those guys who watched this post and a way much bigger thanks to the guys who replied and a special thanks to tapatalk for helping me to share my problems with experts over here.

I hope am not alone

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You can add mine as another view, but unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question either. Most likely that explains the other views as well; people clicking on the link to see if they can help, but then realizing they can't. Maybe you need to give it more than 1 day.
Yeah i will wait

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Is the “mobile” source your phone? I’m not trying to be dumb, just wondering if the volume on the source(phone?) needs to be turned up.
Is the “mobile” source your phone? I’m not trying to be dumb, just wondering if the volume on the source(phone?) needs to be turned up.
Yes its a phone and it is at its full level will you please tell me that if i provide AC 24-0-24 volt power supply 5.5 ampere Current to amplifier what should be the value of power output from amplifier in RMS i think its around 250watt RMS ? Am i correct ? Between the impedance of my subwoofer is 8 ohms.

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Sorry riyaz, while I assume your calculations are correct, I’m not familiar enough to say. I was thinking in a pragmatic way because that’s usually how I get bit. It’s in the little things. Lol. Sorry I can’t offer you more.
No problem its ok

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