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Suggestion for ROOM SIM

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Hi. Yesterday I was playing with Room Sim, and I found very useful tool.

So after some hours of try and error I find 2 or 3 good positions for speaker and listen position. After this thousands of try/error, I remember an old software (CARA 2.2 PLUS) that gives you the possibility to calculate the optimal position for the speakers, in a region defined by the user.

So, that function will be very useful.

Also, will be useful the possibility to make a non squared room.

Thanks, for your work, and this great software!
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Dealing with rooms that are not rectangular needs a very different approach that is very much more computationally intensive, it is not currently possible to have an interactive tool with live displays of the effect of changes in position for such rooms. No plans to offer this, sorry.

Optimal positioning is also quite tricky, mainly due to the difficulty of deciding what should constitute 'optimum' in a response shape.
Thanks for answer.

To me, optimum it is when you know can not be perfect. So the user put what needs, for example flattest possible response on 50 to 250Hz (with or without surface absorptions defined by user), and trying to force some rules, for example the equilateral triangle, minimum distance between walls and listener, etc.

So the user define a region where he want to put speakers and listener, and software make calculations and compare to other calculations, less flat curve is discarded, and continuous computing for an indefinite time, until it is interrupted by the user. This calculation can take hours. But always be faster than if you tried a manual calculation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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