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Welcome to the Forum, erasma!

I have a sung fire 7400 power amp using my Yaham RXV 1400 as a pre amp would like another pre amp but not sure if its worth spending money on one & what does one get with all the new HDI stuff out there!
Never heard of HDI - I guess you mean HDMI?

That Yamaha seems to be a decent receiver and I'm sure it works fine as a pre-amp. The only reason I can see to upgrade would be for a better remote that would run macros (but that could just be bought separately) or to get HDMI capability. But you would also have to have a TV with an HDMI input, and components with HDMI outputs, or in the process of upgrading your gear for HDMI, to make that worthwhile. If that be doesn't apply to you, then don't worry about it and enjoy what you have!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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