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I am new to "HTS" and I'm really excited to be a part of this community. I have these 2 unknown 8 inch drivers that I had given to me. The markings on the back are vague. I used a Dayton Audio test system on them to get some more info, but this is where it get complicated for me. I don't know what type of enclosure would be best suited for these drivers. I would like to build something using both drivers together in series. I've imagined building a coffee table type subwoofer for my HT using a 300-500W type plate amp. The program power rating for each of the subs is 200W I could add some pics of the driver if it helps...

Here are the parameters I was able to get:

R(e) 3.2067
F(s) 30.95
Q(ts) 0.283
Q(es) 0.302
Q(ms) 4.484
L(e) 1.904 mH 1K
M(ms) 46.68
V(as) 36.47 Litres

Out of the above specs is there any way to find out which enclosure would be ideal? I have no idea where to begin....I saw the tutorials on WinISD but have not been able to figure out what to construct with these parameters and I don't think they're complete either.

Any advice or direction would be absolutely awesome

Thanks so much:help:

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I will add more later but I would think it looks best using these in ported cab. They probably wont take much wattage to hit Xmax but thats something you need to try and figure out unless you know who made them.

You can add in another 8" Sd and probably come up with enough for Winisd.

Do you have any pics?

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Remember what Einstein said..."Imagination is more important than knowledge."

One can acquire knowledge. The ability to conceive of new ideas is a gift that has to be cultivated with experience and engaging in challenges.
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