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Surprise: Monoprice Monolith Unboxing Photos (and Mid-Review Update)

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I'm knee deep in a review of Monoprice's new Monolith Air Motion Series of speakers, with a complete 5.0 system in-house for demo (4 bookshelf, 1 center)... this is Monoprices foray into higher-end audio. Initial impressions are extremely positive...my ears are loving them! Priced at $199/bookshelf and $299/center and featuring AMT tweeters and absolutely GORGEOUS cabinetry, these speakers are going disrupt the status quo in a major way.

Here's a few quick and dirty picts of unboxing... (better late than never :D ). Top to bottom, bookshelf to center channel. This review should be published sooner than later, so stay tuned!

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I thought there would be a little more buzz about these...

Take your impression of Monoprice as being an inexpensive wire/connector seller and toss it right out the window.

These speakers are good
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They look like they put a lot of thought into the design. For that price a person could get a really decent system setup without taking a second mortgage out on the house. That centre channel looks like a winner!
They look very nice for the price Todd. I'm curious how these would stack up against the SVS Prime series. I look forward to reading your review.
Interesting, looks like monoprice is not only stepping up to the plate, it is moving the plate !!
Great looking little speakers. They've done a really nice job with the cabinets. Like JBrax mentioned, I'd figure SVS would be a main competitor for these "small but nice" home theatre sets. Interesting choice on the tweeter, too. I like to see some variety, and replacing the standard domes with those air motion dealies... I understand they're not quite ribbons or electrostatic, but something a little different. I always wanted to try ribbons/stats/AMTs, but never got the chance. Looking forward to the full review.
I'm excited to hear your review.

A great comparison would be the Emotiva B-1 and/or (throw in just for fun) the Dayton B652-Airs.

When will the review be published?
Aren't you glad they didn't use packing peanuts! :bigsmile:

A great comparison would be the Emotiva B-1 and/or (throw in just for fun) the Dayton B652-Airs.
Or how about the Chane "A" series?
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Todd - It's cool that you are reviewing the Monoprice speakers. From the look of it, Monoprice is doing what a lot of ID companies promise to do - deliver a lot of speaker for a reasonable price as a factory direct source.

THRILLED to read that the finish is gorgeous - that's hard to find in a $200 loudspeaker. If Monoprice gets serious about subwoofers, watch out.
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I have heard their 7 channel power amp is excellent too.
Wow nice looking speakers, the cabinets looks awesome.
I can't wait to hear how they sound.
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