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SVS 500 watt BASH plate amp***SOLD SOLD SOLD***

I am selling an unused plate amp from my old SVS PB12 Plus. I had changed out the amp to the more recent PEQ amp on one of the subs and it has been sitting in storage since. The amp is about 2.5 years old but was only used for about one year. It is in excellent condition and would be great for a DIY sub build, or as a replacement amp. The plate measures 8.5" wide by 14.25" tall. It will include a power cord and 5A fuse, as well as a wire lead to go to the sub driver. I had planed on using it on a DIY project but realized it will be years before I get the time to do one.

The amp features:

500 Watts RMS
Phase control
Gain control
Auto/On/Off settings
Defeatable crossover
Low level inputs/outputs (internally summed)
Black finish
2 prong, removable IEC power cord

The amp does have some sort of EQ'ing for the SVS driver and is designed for a ported system. I have tested it with a passive Velodyne sub that I have and it works great.

I am asking $79 OBO plus shipping from 80104 (about 13 pounds boxed). ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***

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