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Manufacturer: SVSound
Model: PB12-Plus/2
Provided by: Ilkka
Manufacturer link: SVSound - Box Subwoofers
Price: $1199 (black), $1399 (wood veneer)

Manufacturer specs:
Twin SVS designed/built custom Plus 12.3 woofers
SVS designed, full-featured 900 watt BASH (R) digital switching amp
Premium finishes ship with on board Parametric EQ (PEQ)
Built-in, flush-mount amp configuration
Down-firing woofers with distinctive SVS integrated base-plate
Compliant floor mounts, ultra low center of gravity
Three tuned, patented 4" high-flow flared porting (in and out)
Assembled and tested by SVS in its Ohio factory
Extra heavy-duty detachable 8 foot power cord
6 wood-finishes
Selectable 16Hz, 20Hz or 25Hz extension with included port plugs
Size: 48 cm wide, 67 cm tall and 71 cm deep.
Weight: 64 kg
Frequency Response: +/- 3dB to 20hz anechoic
3 years warranty

Configuration as tested:
Phase: 0 degrees
Tuning frequency: 25 Hz (no port plugs)
Subsonic filter: 25 Hz
Orientation: Standard down-firing, ports facing left
This unit has Plus 12.3 woofers


Elite Shackster
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This unit had the newest Plus 12.3 woofers, which were now made in-house compared to the old TC Sounds sourced woofers. These were promised to correct some of the "flaws" of the older woofers, but unfortunately at least the frequency response didn’t show much improvement. These new woofers have a slightly "rounder" frequency response which results in less extension. The maximum output is pretty identical, except the 2-3 dB gain in 35-55 Hz range. The new woofers have a lower THD in the upper bass range, although it grows somewhat high in 30-50 Hz at higher output levels. The output compression grows rather severe around the tuning frequency. Group delay rises very gradually which should make in inaudible. The new "rounder" frequency response results in less ringing around the tuning frequency when compared to the dB12.1 unit. Spectral contamination test shows high output capability with lower than average overall distortion; not much, but slightly better than the dB12.1 unit. The overall build quality is top-notch and the wood finish looks gorgeous. Though in overall not quite the kind of an upgrade I had hoped for.

+ Pretty good extension
+ High overall maximum output capability
+ Low overall distortion
+ Overall price/performance ratio
+ Build quality and finish

- Shape of the frequency response
- High deep bass output compression
- Somewhat high deep bass distortion
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