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SVS PB12-Plus2 with Music

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Hey all,

Have a 12+2 and while it just ******* pounds for home theatre I still can't seem to get it to fill the room when playing music. Now take it I'm using an ipod via an RCA connection so I understand a lot of sound quality is lost with this set up. But my question is has anyone in a similar situation got a little more out of their sub by plugging ports for music only? Currently running wide open (no ports)

Any advise is grealty appreciated!

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iPod or no, the most common reason people complain about the output of their sub on music vs. movies is a matter of expectation -- they have the same complaint with CDs. For those who want more bass with their music, the best solution is a receiver that can accommodate different bass levels for different inputs. That way, when using your iPod, you can have the bass boosted by a few dBs.

Of course, if you're serious about music, put down the iPod and grab the CDs. I use the iPod for casual listening and for pumping music to the back yard or other rooms in the house. When I want to sit back in front of the big rig and really listen, I grab my CDs. It does make a difference.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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