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SVS PC13 Ultra

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Maybe i'm mistaken but as of yet i haven't found a svs pc 13 ultra test/review on this forum which i find very odd so cn anyone point me in the right direction or explain why this is?
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Re: Svs pc13 ultra

The PC 13Ultra is virtually the same as the PB 13Ultra Lots of reviews here of that one. Here is one. And here is one of many tests.
Re: Svs pc13 ultra

The position of the ports will have no barring on how it sounds or preforms, The drivers are identical and the enclosure size is the same even though one is a box and the other is the cylinder.
Re: Svs pc13 ultra

Thankyou for your feedback as you do seem to try and make some sort of sense out of this debate, however what a manufacturer specifies and what actually happens is two different things.
You do have the right to question this however I can say that SVS is NOT your ordinary company and customer service and product quality is there number one priority. You wont find many companies that operate this way and if you doubt the performance specifications that they posted why dont you send them an email and I am sure Ed Mullen or Ron Stimpson can clarify any questions or concerns you have.

Why would SVS not be objective when comparing their own two subs. I can see if you asked them to compare one of their subs to a competitor, but when everything any of these ID companies says is so analyzed and picked over with fine toothed comb, I just don't see them being less than honest on this particular subject.
Agreed, Ed Mullen has already stated in many posts that both subs preform almost identical and given the quality of either I would have to believe what he says.
Our very own member who is on staff Ikka tests many of the subs and you could send him a PM and see what he says.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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