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SVS PC13 Ultra

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Maybe i'm mistaken but as of yet i haven't found a svs pc 13 ultra test/review on this forum which i find very odd so cn anyone point me in the right direction or explain why this is?
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Re: Svs pc13 ultra

Ive had both in my room and the PB13 is alot cleaner and is not as boomy. I get no port noise unlike the PC13 and the deep bass is more pleasurable. The PB13 is definitely the clear winner and it looks better.

I have the PC13 and are more than happy with it - ok - haven't heard the box edition - but to call it boomy - not in my setup (also have the AS-EQ1). Also - I don't think the PC13 would have gotten so many nice reviews if it was boomy: http://www.lsound.no/index.php?side=info&group=240&subgroup=1156&id=427121
I havent heard anything like port noise - perhaps I don't play on same levels as you do - but according to: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/subw...1/215-a-secrets-subwoofer-review.html?start=1
the bench test - we have some low distortion readings here. So the clear winner - no - but winner perhaps - it digs deeper, but weighs in over 70 kg's or 155 lbs - same as a washing machine or +30 kg's over the PC13 - alot more. About the looks - it's all about taste !

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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