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SVS PC13 Ultra

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Maybe i'm mistaken but as of yet i haven't found a svs pc 13 ultra test/review on this forum which i find very odd so cn anyone point me in the right direction or explain why this is?
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Re: Svs pc13 ultra

Wow, bigbucks, you sure know how to make an impression...you've got not one, but two knowledgeable people responding to your post, I guess I need to be more creative with my threads to get greater response:rofl:

If you've got a pc13, svs will gladly support what the mods are saying-that there will be very little, if any noticeable difference in sound quality/output. Boxes are just more traditional and cylinders are, well, cylinders; and they aren't everyone's cup of tea as some may say. When the pc shares components with the pb, I'm sure SVS would rather submit another one of their products for review rather than an identical performing sub. Lots of products and limited reviews means competition for advertisement.:newspaper:

I like the idea of a poll-see how many HTS'ers own either a box or cylinder from SVS-all models. Better yet, a combined poll with all sub owners that have box or cylinder. But I think you can guess the results...
Re: Svs pc13 ultra

I'm not familiar with the direct, unimpeded air movement relating to spl effectiveness, ie whether a driver, or port, must face the listener at the low freqs as they are always touted as omnidirectional, with long wavelengths, but see the importance of whether they are reinforced by walls, listening area. Many noteable subs are downfiring, but effective, even when compared to sidefiring, and you never feel direct air movement.
Your volume consideration would indeed be a factor. You can't use outside dimensions to calculate interior volume, though, not even close. Don't be deceived by the tube's thickness, it is likely only several mm or 1/4" thick vs the lost volume of wood in a box sub, and a small difference in diameter makes a huge impact to volume.
I'm interested in how, if any, differences occur in sound quality due to room placement differences using different subs of similar build parts. This seems like a very interesting topic to me.:nerd:
Thanks for the add'l info-I have two diy sonosubs and the larger one is grill-less. Planning to build two more, also without grills/topplates:yes: Box resonances could indeed affect the sound. I'm a bit skeptical about the port chuffing, or at least why there would be a difference if all other factors are equal. Perhaps the sub could benefit from a greater gap above the baseplate? Let us know how the upcoming comparison goes:T
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