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I should first start out by saying that I live in Australia and this question is related to best performance for the landed cost.

Let me explain. I'm in the process of looking for an upgrade to my subwoofer in my home cinema. The room is 4.75m x 6.5m x 2.44m and is open to the rear, so it's a fairly large volume. I have been looking at all the usual options.

Now there is a local distributor for SVS in Australia and a PB13 Ultra will set me back around $3000AU.
For $3500AU I could get 2 Rythmik F15's here.
Assuming HSU will ship to Australia and I believe they do I could probably land a pair of ULS15's for a similar amount.
Also I can get a pair of ED A7S-450's for about the same.

I have been thinking about using a pair for a while to try and smooth out response in my room, would be interested in your thoughts.

The SVS seems quite expensive but I'm sure is a very good unit.

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