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As home theaters become more common place, the larger the subwoofer market will get. I know just in my small circle of friends and family, a scant year ago, I was the only one who had a home theater (not just a big screen, but a full blown home theater). Matter of fact, I've been in the HT hobby for well over a decade.

Now, all of that same circle is into the HT hobby. All of them have at least a 50" display, or a projector/screen in addition to at least 5.1 audio.

As such, many subwoofer companies have sprouted up. Some started as parts suppliers (Elemental Designs, Epik). Some were in it from the start (AV123, HSU, SVS).

And, that doesn't include the companies who sell through brick and mortar stores.

This segment of home theater will continue to grow as prices continue to drop for big displays, blu ray continues its expansion, and more and more people get into the sound aspect of home theater.
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