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SVS SB12-NSD vs my Sunfire true signature sub?

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Any SVS SB12- NSD owners in here? Thinking about replacing my Sunfire True Signature sub with the SB12 NSD. Don't know if the upgrade would be worth it or not.

This is for a 14x16 bedroom.
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I went ahead and placed a order for the PB12 NSD. It's already at FEDEX and should have it this Thurs.

I plan to A/B test it with my Sunfire True signature sub. Will let you guys know when i get it.
I look forward to your impressions. Which model Sunfire do you have?
It's called a true signature sub.
I could be wrong, but I believe that's the product line, not the actual model. There are a number of those, in different sizes and capabilities.

No. I have a Pioneer Elite SC35 avr. I already did a auto cal and it seems to sound fine. I'm sure i will fool around with some settings later on.
Pioneer's MCACC doesn't EQ the sub, so that shouldn't make any difference. Audyssey's MultiEQ XT (and XT32) does.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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