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SVS SB12-NSD vs my Sunfire true signature sub?

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Any SVS SB12- NSD owners in here? Thinking about replacing my Sunfire True Signature sub with the SB12 NSD. Don't know if the upgrade would be worth it or not.

This is for a 14x16 bedroom.
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Joe, I know he did one on the SVS PB-12NSD though not sure I remember one on the SB?
I don't see much said on the SB12 NSD. I was also thinking about the PB12 NSD as another choice.
I went ahead and placed a order for the PB12 NSD. It's already at FEDEX and should have it this Thurs.

I plan to A/B test it with my Sunfire True signature sub. Will let you guys know when i get it.
Guess i will find out Thurs nite.
I look forward to your impressions. Which model Sunfire do you have?
It's called a true signature sub.
I could be wrong, but I believe that's the product line, not the actual model. There are a number of those, in different sizes and capabilities.

It's a 13" is all i know. Made in 2001.

Here is a side by side. Just got my PB12 NSD. So far it sounds very good.

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Congrats on your new baby. Does your AVR have Audyssey XT?
No. I have a Pioneer Elite SC35 avr. I already did a auto cal and it seems to sound fine. I'm sure i will fool around with some settings later on.
Sub crawl if not what you expected. I would think if the old sub was ok in the PB's spot so should the new one. Maybe my old Klipsch rw-12d was just much lesser than my new one. The difference was night and day for my setup.
It sounds fine so far. Only tried out a DVD of war of the worlds so far. I will give a few BD's a shot tonite that have better audio. So far it shakes the room better than the Sunfire and seems to sound smoother.

I set the gain to around 11 O'clock , set the low pass to disable and phase to zero with the auto on.
Here it is in it's corner where the Sunfire went. The speakers are Paradgim Millenia One's 5 speaker system.

I just sold my Klipsch RF7's , RC7 and RS7's as they were just too big for the room.
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Thanks for this great review; I'm glad your PB12-NSD is performing well compared to your Sunfire. As others have said, 'size matters'. If you have any other questions about set-up, please give us a shout.
So far the new sub has worked like a champ. I no longer hear the loud thumps and the hum like i would with the Sunfire sub.
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