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SVS SBC 5.1 vs EMP 5.1 System

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How does the SVS SBC 5.1 system compare to the EMP 351T? Which system is better for music, which System is better for home theater? I would think the SVS would be better for home theater due to the dominating sub, but the EMP has 3 subs (1 in each tower, then seperate powered sub).

What is the difference between the EMP 351T and 551T? I think cosmetically the 551T look better, but does the 351T sound any better?

If you had $1200.00 for speakers, where would you put your money?

Thanks for you help!
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Unfortunately your questions cannot be answered factually by anyone but you. This hobby is too subjective, and everyone's rooms are different. The only full proof way to tell would be to order a pair of main speakers from each manufacturer, listen in your room using your gear, then return the loser. You might be out a few bucks on shipping, but it's well worth the price of knowing you chose the best speaker according to your ears, no?
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