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SVS SBC 5.1 vs EMP 5.1 System

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How does the SVS SBC 5.1 system compare to the EMP 351T? Which system is better for music, which System is better for home theater? I would think the SVS would be better for home theater due to the dominating sub, but the EMP has 3 subs (1 in each tower, then seperate powered sub).

What is the difference between the EMP 351T and 551T? I think cosmetically the 551T look better, but does the 351T sound any better?

If you had $1200.00 for speakers, where would you put your money?

Thanks for you help!
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For $689, you can get towers x2, surrounds x2, 1 center and 1 sub. Compared to SVS is about $1200 for the 5.1 system and the pb12. It just seems hard to beat at that price, so I didn't know if SVS was that much better, then I would have to buy stands for the SVS bookshelves.:dontknow:
I agree with Brandon and Bob99, you can get the EMP for $689 and SVS for $1200, try them and decide which one to keep, return SVS (if you decide to keep EMP) or sell the EMP (maybe even for a profit :whistling:) if you decide to keep the SVS ...:yes:
I was just trying to take advantage of this sale. I'm in the process of building my HT one good deal at a time.
In that case ..get the EMP system if is a good deal, I'm sure that if you don't like it you can get the SVS later.

One good deal at a time is how most of us have our dream HT...:bigsmile:
Is surround sound going to make that the movie that much more enjoyable?
Definetelly ...not just that movie, all movies and TV programming :bigsmile:

Thought about skipping the speakers and just buying a decent sub to get me buy.
For that you'll need to be able to get the sub signal from somewhere, and also, you need to be able to set up the crossoaver setting and a powered sub :yes:
Won't I be able to use the Subwoofer out on the TV for this? I realize I won't have any type of crossover except for what is on the powered sub itself.
If is a subwoofer output I think is okay (mine only has the L+R RCA and optical)...you need to check the manual to be sure :yes:

I wonder What will happen if you use the RCA to connect a powered sub??? :innocent:
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