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Svs ultra piano gloss cleaner?

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What do I need to use to clean and get rid of some small scratches ? Iv herd wax is this ok to use?
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Sure. Or quick detailer spray by maguires. Auto parts stores will have it.

Usually if you rub a fingernail over a scratch and you can feel it, you'll need to rub it out with some polishing compound before waxing. Maybe even machine polishing.

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Do you recommend a certain one ?
I use this on my cars.
And this
This looks interesting too.
Those are light duty, and great for fingerprint removal, and general polishing.
The more I think of it, if you need to get out the heavy duty stuff, you may want to call SVS to find out what they use first. I have a lot of experience so I'd just go after it, but not knowing your experience level it might be good to call them. Just to make sure.

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Meguiar's makes a light polishing compound safe for clear coats and specifically designed to remove faint scratches and swirl marks. http://www.meguiars.com/en/automotive/products/g18116-polishing-compound/

Avoid rubbing too much on edges and corners as these locations are the most vulnerable to excessive clear coat/paint removal.
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