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T.H.E. Show Las Vegas (Jan. 7-10, 2014)

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We will be in Room 4045 of The Flamingo.
Stop by for some fine tunes. :)
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Knock 'em dead Hugh, you've got some terrific sounding stuff.
Wish I could be there:)
Looking forward to some friendly faces there. Viva Las Vegas!
Looking forward to Angel City Audio impressions and pics. Have a good show, guys!
Thanks AJ.

Really wish you could make it.
Knock 'em dead Hugh, you've got some terrific sounding stuff.
Wish I could be there:)
Here's a picture of our setup at the show:

The gear we showed was as follows:

ACA Trinity speakers w/stands
ACA Balanced Power Conditioner
Onix XCD-50 SE
Melody Pure Black 101 preamp
Melody PM845 monoblocks

This was the first time we had ever tried out the built-in USB DAC in the new model XCD-50, and it is REALLY good. We just might have to think about ordering some of those to offer for sale...
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I'd like to add my $0.02 if I may.

As Tim said, it was our very first time using the built-in USB DAC of the Onix XCD-50SE and I was rather impressed, to say the least.
This has opened a door to a whole new ball game.
Now, people can have a single component for both digital files and red book CDs at a very reasonable price.

The truth of the matter is the only DAC that can better the XCD-50SE, in my personal experience and opinion and albeit just a very small margin, is the Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC.

We believe once the word is out on this versatile unit, people would love to get their hands on one. :)
The whole CES & THE Show was slow and down this year due to the weather.
Quite a large number of people got stuck at airports so attendance was not great.
However, we were rather busy the last 2 days and so overall it was good.
There's got to be someone here on HTS that lives in Vegas. Surprised no comments from those members....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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