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My older US-122L works fine. Nothing more advanced is needed for REW. :T

Any news on problems with Your Tascam US144MKii and SPIDF OUT..???
I'm playing with mine Tascam and it is not easy to get digital path working, so any info would be great.
There’s no compelling reason to use the digital output. Analog outs for REW work just fine.

Well and THD of my Tascam seems to be 0,07% instead advertised 0,005% there is crazy amount of distortion in that thing.
It’s certainly a disappointment that the 144’s distortion isn’t up to spec, but practically speaking anything at or below 1% is perfectly acceptable and inaudible. Especially for use with REW.

Actually Is it possible to do SPIDF OUT to SPIDF IN loop-back measurement at that card ?? still can't do that.
No reason to, the loopback is for analog connections only.


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Hi Wayne

Well I'm new at these place so it would be very inappropriate from my site disagree with Your statements, but please at list allow me express disappointed about distortion levels not up to manufactures data, it is actually pretty unpleasant/bad surprise.
While of cause for REW usage 0,07% THD is still OK, then for any DAC, Preeamp or Power AMP measurements it is far too much.
But not all is wrong with Tascam...
As for digitall ins and outs I have played bit more and from my side can confirm that digital In and Out is working, no problem playing test signals and music from Tascam Spidf OUT to my DAC and record data from my Nadja DSP spidf outs into Tascam spidf in.
Although seems that it is not possible to run digital loop-back just on Tascam, but it is possible to run Tascam digital Out to my Nadja DSP spidf IN and from Nadja Spidf Out to Tascam Digitall IN and then run RMAA tests and REW Calibration.
So even if drivers are probably not the most stable but coming from EMU202, my expectations are not very high, TascamUS144mkII seems to be working, well with some quirks one have to learn, but at list on my unit, THD levels are the main issue I have for that thing.

Well as kind of my contribution to the site have made small tear-down of my unit to see what is inside that pretty box, hope that it is OK to post it hire, if not please move it. Have some HiRes pictures so if someone is interested to see more clear what is inside let me know.



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