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Hey guys,

so i got 2 tc-10oem 10" subs each in a sealed enclosure.

I want to get the most out of these little monsters.... trying to plan a big project for them..

been doing research, from "double walls middle filled with cement/sand or concrete" to type of woods (bamboo ply or birch vs mdf)

i need some more insight... been thinking to keep it simple; tons of bracing and a very good quality wood which seems to be baltic birch, since bamboo is unrealisticly expensive and need more heavy duty equipment to cut through it so even more $$.... and get past the cement/sand filling thing...

also, ported would not be quite possible.. so i was opting for 2 12" PRs for each 10" sub in a ~0.6~0.7cu.ft net enclosure

any thoughts on getting the utmost out of these subs would be greatly appreciated (type of woods, bracing method, enclosure type, heavy filler? dampening? etc) !!

aiming for 65% movies 35%music.

thx in advance

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CSS makes one and it's tunable from the front. A couple of points, the Xmax on the OEM driver is probably 28 mm peak to peak so 19 mm one way. Your project file is not showing a hi-pass filter which should be at 20 hz so once that is added the low end output is reduced.

Here is what I came up with, 1 cu.ft. tuned to 21 hz with a a pair of 10" CSS PR's with 630 grams of mass added to each PR. Input power is 1000 watts with a hi-pass filter at 20 hz.

Add a 20 hz hi-pass filter to your project and compare the SPL graph to this project.

View attachment The Bubble Project.wpr
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