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I am having good luck getting through the REW manual calibration steps.... Vista on a notebook, maudio mobile pre-the new one. R/S analog SL Meter, Behringer ECM8000.

To keep the variables (except the room) to a minimum while learning, I am using a single KRK rockit 5 monitor and the ECM8000, at a desk while learning the software. I don't care about the room yet. I'm using a 1/4" TRS into the balanced input of the rokit. After i sort out the software, then I will relocate to where I will make real measurements.

Anyway, I'm curious, the soundcard calibration seems to be working. But according to the maudio spec, the input of xlr-1/4 is unbalanced and can take an xlr mic cable or 1/4 TS guitar cable. But, the output is TRS balanced.

So, for the soundcard calibration, what side of the balanced signal is coming into the TS input? Does it matter? I assume the "Invert" option does not need to be checked. I have tried both, don't see a difference yet. But still tinkering....

I know the balanced signals are out of voltage phase. Just curious what that means in this situation.


Thanks for any clarification.
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