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I've got a pair of Tempest-X that are unused, because the other pair have excelled so well in their 24 cu.ft. enclosure tuned to 16hz that I just haven't needed all four.

So I'm thinking about turning the unused pair into midbass modules. I have the ported pair low passed at 40hz. So these would need to pick up about that point and generate midbass energy up towards 120hz.

I'm thinking of having each in it's own 2 cu.ft. sealed enclosure, co-located and slightly angled towards each other. I'd have 1/2 of an EP2500 amp for power. This dual-enclosure would be placed in the middle of my screen wall, since my huge main speakers take up the ends of that wall.
My goal is simply to create tons of clean midbass energy. Would I be better served by selling these and picking up woofers better suited for midbass? Or will these do the job?

My listening habits are 80% home theater / 10% rock'n'roll / 10% critical music listening (jazz, piano, classical).
You'd be better served building 2 more subs and setting your crossover higher. :bigsmile: you'd avoid the localization that high crossovers bring. Still you don't want to get too high. As most drivers have a pretty good roll-off and breakups up high.
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