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Okay So I was posting in Audioholics forum and I ended up here deciding to research building a DIY subwoofer using the Tempest-X2 15" ($220).
I want to send the box plans out to a cabinet maker for construction and finishing.

I will be using it for 80% music (rap, techno, hardcore rock, I want it to sound like a club in my room), 10% gaming, 10% movies. Honestly, I only really care about how it sounds with music and how much it can make my chest in brutal bass assault.
I use my Macbook Pro (wirelessly) and Gaming computer for the music. My room is a medium sized bedroom. I want this woofer to grow with my home audio setup. So in a few years when I start getting receivers and speakers, this build will be with me supporting it from the ground up. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and instead of putting 1.5k into a car audio system I have decided to just move to Home audio instead because it's more of a long term bass/music fix.
Budget is ~$750 +/- $100 total cost for the sub.

I will be using it in a 2.1 setup with some simple powered bookshelf Audioengine A5's (40w RMS each) for ~$250 on ebay. This is a temporary buy and I will probably get a nice receiver + ect. later when budget allows. But I needed a good PC setup and figured why not get a 100% sweet powered sub.

I found an Behringer EP1500 for $150 on craigslist (I can get the EP2500 for $220 but it seems overkill, Thoughts?)
I can the Elemental Designs eQ.2 for Equalizer ($100) from ED website
Tempest-X2 15" ($220)
Box -???? How much would the box cost? What kind of box should I get (the 146L ported?) for my application?
That leaves almost $300 for box and wires
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