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Looking for input/advice on this setup.

Single Tempest-X2 with two PR15 Passives.
130L enclosure (4.591Cuft)
700g on each passive
Qa of 40 in WinISD (moderately stuffed? Still not clear on the way WinISD computes stuffing).
Graph has a gentle rise of less than +1dB over the range of interest. - (Not sure how to actually get the total Qts figure of the overall enclosure in WinISD?)
Box tuning comes out at 21.7Hz.
Fs of the PR's at 9.94Hz (with mass added).

Will post the graph I get later. I know the box is a touch on the small side but I think I can get away with it?
Would be using this filter to avoid subsonic nasties.


Mostly interested in the reduction in enclosure size by going the PR over port route.

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