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Test music?

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I have a pair of studio monitors (Y2SMP Yorkville) that I'd like to test out. What do people use for test music? What makes good test music? Vocals? Classical? What do you guys use?

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Whatever music you know very well and are comfortable with. It is different for everyone:T
Everyone that tests speakers listens to different songs and different music. Testing speakers with unfamiliar music is not very bright imho. Therefore there is no correct answer. Bring with you some techno, jazz, classical and rock that ''You'' are familiar with:T
Right. Including the engineers...They may use some measurment equipment as well, but they are not going to pop in some audiophile approved track that they are unfamiliar with. It's going to be some well recorded music that they are VERY familiar with.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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