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I have a USB DAC with an ASIO driver that I would like to measure through REW. I also have either a Prism Lyra-2 interface or a Motu interface available for the analog input measurement. The problem of course is that there is no input side to the ASIO for the DAC so logsweep would not work.

In Windows, I've got an idea for a workaround, but would love to hear your other ideas. I haven't tried this yet, but in theory it should work: Play the logsweep from a DAW (Sequoia) going out to the DAC via USB. Record the logsweep inside REW with the Prism interface. I could put the DAW on loop of the 30 second long logsweep and hit the "Start Measuring" button in REW's logsweep window as the DAW is in the minor pause before the loop restarts. With luck there won't be too much pause and REW will detect what's coming in. There may be giant latency, but doesn't matter to me as long as it detects and locates an impulse "somewhere".

So the ideal would be for REW to be able to play back through one ASIO driver and record through another. I see that Steinberg's multiclient ASIO driver allows two or more applications to address the same interface. I wonder if there is a different plugin or utility which would allow one application to address two different interfaces. Is there such a thing?

I'm running REW in bootcamp so I can switch to OSX. I've been avoiding OSX because of Java limitations, but on the OSX side I wonder if I could accomplish this by making an aggregate device that REW would see as a single device.

Thanks for any ideas.
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