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Testing on Spandex?

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Any testing done on spandex materials from http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/product/6409

Especially the matte white/silver.

AT screen for cheap. I love me some.
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I don't recall even testing Spandex as a screen, but I know others have made such screens and liked them. As a cheap AT screen Spandex would probably work well enough.

What concerns me the most about Spandex screens is that the material obviously stretches and the more it is stretched the larger the holes will be in the fabric. As I understand things the size of the holes makes quite a difference in screen performance as they not only affect screen gain but also the strength and type of any moire patterns that are produced by the interaction of the hole pattern and image pixel grid.

If you experiment with Spandex screens please share your findings with us. :T
Those are valid concerns, however most people doubled up the spandex. For example, white with silver backing.

I think that would at least help with light exiting the spandex.
I've read that Spandexworld's moleskin matte silver and their white make a good screen when used together. Silver over white if you want grey, white over silver otherwise. You need both to keep too much light from going through and getting lost. Someone coming from BOC said the white over silver was a significant picture upgrade. Everyone seems to agree that it is as or more transparent in terms of audio to the "real" AT screens.

Haven't seen a single complaint about moire.
That's what I've been hearing. Just wondering if the guys over here did any tests.
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