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From myself and on behalf of John Mulcahy... we honor our members and staff with a big huge:



We now have our first full month behind us and so much to look forward to. We could not have accomplished what we have without our staff and without our members.

364 threads - average ~ 12 per day
2458 posts - average ~ 81 per day

664 members - average ~ 22 per day



There is no doubt we have a great group of members to help this forum not only succeed, but explode in to one of the finest, if not ultimately the finest, home theater forum on the net.

In my association with vBulletin and the various forums devoted to forum development... I have visited over a 100 different new forums. I can tell you that you will hardly find numbers like ours in those forums... even those that have been up for several months. We have surpassed all of my expectations. It has been amazing here and we appreciate every single persons contribution.

Again... thank you, thank you and thank you!
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