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I’ve thought about doing this more than once over the years, but never followed through until now. I wanted to “Thank you!” for all of your ceaseless work and never ending significant improvements to your REW software application. Many, many audio hobbyists on this Home Theater Shack Forum and others use it on a regular basis! The donation check is in the cyber mail.

I wanted to relay my story of a dream that you enabled me to finally start completing. As we all know that audio is very much a heuristic process and you are never really are done – just like learning, there is always more!

As a teenager, about 50 years ago, I was somewhat into audio equipment and stereo systems. I subscribed and read all the U.S. magazines like Audio, High Fidelity, Stereo Review, The Absolute Sound (TAS) and Stereophile. I custom installed a Craig based (12 watt RMS/channel) AM/FM/Cassette stereo tape player with 2 front and 2 rear speakers in a 1974 2-door Chevy Vega Hatchback (with a 4 cylinder aluminum block oil burning engine) with black vinyl (not records) seats and leather textured plastic interior. The door speakers were 5.25” Jensen coaxial round speakers with custom DIY wood bezels covered in wood grained contact paper (vinyl not records). They were 3” thick and cut to match the contour of the interior plastic door panel and to the speaker’s rounded rectangular shaped snap on grille. It took some time to figure it out and to fabricate them. Once installed it looked better than any factory installed option - that didn’t even exist at the time. The rear speakers had custom made slot ported plywood boxes with a tri-axial 6” X 9” Jensen speakers (they really weren’t axial). The boxes were covered in wood grain Formica that closely matched the front speaker bezels. I ended up filling/plugging the dual slots with felt because I didn’t like the bass sound – it was very lean if I recall. I had no way to evaluate or measure it at the time. It was only by ear.

Need I say, the best thing about that car was the sound!

Later, as an Electrical Engineering graduate student about 40 years ago, I was taking a Digital Signal Processing class and promised myself that one of those days I was going to get an AMD 56XXX DSP Processor and do some assemble code programming and create some digital audio filter projects for my home stereo system. Well, I did manage to buy the AMD processor DSP Designer Kit more than 25 years ago. However, it just sat in its box inside the house then got moved the garage and is still there. I can’t bring myself to pitch it! Never did get the time or motivation to do anything with it!

Then the World Wide Web, HTML and Home Theater Shack website, REW and miniDSP came along with forum users and more importantly helpful support. I took the plunge more 5 years ago and have been struggling and learning and improving our sound systems with and without miniDSP processors for computer based desktop systems, to a 7.1 home theater sound system and lately for the last year and a half, a modest 3.1 stereo system.
Thanks again, John. Thanks for letting me intelligently and systematically play with my sound systems for a much more accurate and enjoyable listening experience!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Cheers! Hope you and everyone on HTS has a great 2020!

Charles (an old timer and soap boxer – not racer)
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